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Watch Panel: Sustainability in Automotive Supply Chain

As part of EcoMotion Week 2021, Anne Baer was invited to moderate a panel about “Sustainability in the automotive supply chain”.

While countries have set environmental targets, and companies are expected to land a hand in this effort, the panelists discussed cars' broader ecological impact, not only in polluting through fuel, but during the whole life cycle, from design and manufacturing to end of life. Cradle to Cradle.

To weigh in on this topic, the panel was composed of the following experts:

Ms. Irene Feige Head of Circular Economy Initiative, BMW Group, who insisted on the need to move to EVs now. Whatever the energy mix of your electricity supply, it will always be more efficient than burning fuel.

Dr. Astrid Wollenberg, Appointed MD Konnect - VW Group Innovation hub, Volkswagen Group, who gave concrete examples of VW Connect acceleration of green Israeli startups.

M. Tim Boven, Director, Mobility Science and Global Growth Platform, Dow, who explained how his Petrochemical group emphasizes recycling and secondary material use.

Watch the full video here.


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