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How to make 20 PCR tests for the price of one?

Israel is using the algorithmic method developed by an interdisciplinary team of Professors in Computer science, Mathematics, Genetics and Epidemiology from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and The Open University of Israel For cheaper PCR airport tests.

Anne just came back from abroad last week and want to share this tip... 20 single passengers bathing in the same pool ! If the test turns negative, it saves 19 other costly tests... If positive, the control sample taken from each passenger will be tested separately.

This method was used so far to test classmates for which getting a positive result would mean isolating all the group anyway as a first step.

It is now extended to travelers, given that their COVID-19 carrier rate is extremely low and that a 72 hours PCR test is anyhow mandatory prior boarding.

This collective invention P-BEST, is published and not patented and free for use in any other country.

As a result, test costs €20 rather than up to €300 in the most expensive airports. (In France although it is free and seamless for the user, the society as a whole is covering the cost...)


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