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France-Israel, a relationship that keeps on growing

Anne BAER, President of the Israel Committee of the French Foreign Trade Advisors and Founder of iKare Innovation on a panel at the Forum d’Affaires France-Israel at the French Senate, on March 13th, 2023.

After years of stagnation, France-Israel exchanges have grown by more than 40% in two years, reaching 3.6 billion EUR in 2022.

And it is not thanks to aircraft or arms sales but rather thanks to the transport sector - services, engineering, equipment - and more diffusely, thanks to multiple deals, signed by SMEs and ETIs agile on both sides who undertake to push their products for export with determination in competitive markets.

➡ Discover the latest note from the economic department of the French Embassy in Israel here.

France matters in Israel. It is the country's 8th largest supplier and 9th largest customer. And Israeli investors in France are not left out. Among the most active groups are Teva Pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical group); SASA Holdings (chemicals and plastics); Alrov Group (Lutetia Hotel); Check Point Software Technologies, Varonis and JFrog (computer software and services); Delta Galil Industries, which in May 2018 took control of men's underwear manufacturer Eminence, and in real estate, Harel Insurance & Finance Services and Hachshara Insurance Company).

It is also the work of the hardworking team at France Export!

An Ambassador, Eric Danon, who infuses energy, and teams working together, like the ones of Eric Sayettat, Serge Krebs and Aude Guivarch from the Economic Department of Tel Aviv and Business France, supported by an entire ecosystem. Congratulations to the Israel CCEs, The Foreign Trade Advisors of France!


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