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iKare Innovation CEO co-founder of Women in Tech Israel, to be launched on May 28

The Times of Israel, Shoshanna Solomon, 18 may 2020, “Global network to boost women in tech sets up Israel chapter”

WomenTech Network’s Israel chapter will be headed by Canadian immigrant Jenyfer Maisonneuve, and will be launched at 24-hour virtual global conference later this month.

The WomenTech Network, a Paris-based global movement to promote gender diversity in the technology sector, has set up an Israel chapter, and female Israeli entrepreneurs will be taking part in the organization’s 24-hour virtual conference to be held later this month.

The Israeli chapter, headed by Canadian immigrant Jenyfer Maisonneuve, will officially launch at the event, which will have the theme of “Women Taking Up Space” — a bid to celebrate women around the globe who are “taking up the space they need to thrive in their professional and private lives,” the organizers said.

Kicking off at 7 p.m. in New York City on May 27, (2 a.m. May 28 in Israel, the conference will present nonstop live programming for 24 hours. Over 150 speakers from around the world, including Israel, Thailand, Portugal, Macedonia, Peru, and Canada, will offer keynotes, panels, interviews, and workshops.

“We are living through unprecedented times, where our physical space is being challenged and confined, regardless of gender, age or nationality,” said Ayumi Moore Aoki, the founder of Women in Tech in a statement. “We aim to encourage a conversation on how humanity can take up space on earth and beyond, in a more sustainable and inclusive manner for our future.”

Taking part in the virtual conference will be Israel’s Anne Baer, CEO of Ikare Innovation, presenting on the Startup Nation and the role of women in the ecosystem. A panel on “Is Chutzpah The New Charisma? The Israeli Recipes To Success” will be attended by entrepreneur Inbal Arieli, the author of the book “Chutzpah,” and VC investor Esther Barak Landes, the president of ProWoman, which seeks to promote women to influential positions. The panel will be moderated by Avital Bayer, CEO of HiPitched, a business strategy adviser.

Christyl Johnson, deputy director for Technology and Research Investments at NASA and the honorary president of Women in Tech, will be leading the Space panel and presenting the closing keynote. Other confirmed speakers include Galit Ariel, a “technofuturist,” and Bryony Cole, an authority on sex-tech, a $30 billion industry, the statement said.

“I requested to add Israel to the organization and to be a door to the world for Israeli women in technology,” said Maisonneuve in a phone interview.

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