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And the winners are...

This week marks ENGIE Global Innovation Week. As part of this global event, a SMART BUILDING CHALLENGE took place for startups from Israel. The selected startups pitched in front of a jury composed of: Arnout Dijkhuizen (Director of Engie Corporate VC), Stephen Grant (Director of Engie Smart Building), and Meir Ukeles (Partner at Israel Cleantech Ventures).

The 3 winners of Engie Smart Building competition are: Fieldbit, Vayyar, and Zero Energy Solutions.

Fieldbit augmented-reality based solution enables field engineers to receive, send and manage information in real time and in complete security. Vayyar's imaging devices let you see through and inside materials and enable sophisticated monitoring of people and objects in your surroundings without privacy infringement. Zero Energy Solutions develops smart and scalable energy optimizers that easily transform a room abundant building to a smart building that automatically reduces energy consumption.

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