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Shimon Peres's legacy for our Future: Peace, Energy, Innovation

Shimon Peres passed away five years ago, on Sept 28th, 2016.

He was a living legend, shaped his young country's destiny, and left a lasting impression on every person he met. His son Chemi Peres and The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation are collecting our souvenirs and pictures today. Here is mine.

I had bumped into him while wandering in the alleys of DLD Conference Tel-Aviv, we were chatting half in Hebrew half in French about previous encounters in Paris, and our common friends there. Shimon Peres was a true francophile. He was always eager to help promoting cooperation between the two countries. We were scheduled to meet on the very day of his burial. In his agenda and mine, it was written: "Meeting with ENGIE delegation to talk about the future of Energy, address: Center for Peace and innovation". Future, Energy, Peace, Innovation... As far as I am concerned, this will be his legacy.

In place of our scheduled meeting, our personal homage and gratitude to Shimon Peres on September 30th, in Jerusalem with Thierry Lepercq, Hendrik Van Asbroeck, Grzegorz Górski and Nathaniel Benchemoun.

Link to Shimon Peres collective album

- Anne Baer


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