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Saudi Arabia is closer than ever: Interviewed by Jerusalem Post and Relevant TV, Anne Baer paints a picture of this new Middle East at our finger tips.

Back from Saudi Arabia, Anne Baer discusses her insights from week-long trip in Riyadh with Emmanuelle Elbaz Phelbs interview on Relevant TV. 

Invited to participate and speak at the French Foreign Trade Advisors regional Middle East & North Africa meeting, Anne’s trip was an opportunity to observe the shifts in the country. 

As it is trying to move on from a fossil-based economy, Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in economic diplomacy, and is still pursuing to achieve peace in the region, despite the current situation, understanding that its future relies on close ties with its neighboring countries, including Israel.  

Whether at the French Foreign Trade Advisors’ regional meeting or at the LEAP conference in Riyadh (aiming to be the Davos of the Digital), happening at the same time, it was all about energy, water, environment and tech. These are the key topics for today's and tomorrow's Arab kingdom. 

KSA was just selected to host the next world Expo in 2030, which coincides with their Vision 2030, accelerating the reforms engaged since 2017 to transform their oil-based into a diversified economy. 

What’s more, women are now not only driving cars, they count for one third of the labor force and are determined to take an active part in their country’s future.

Full article in the Jerusalem Post here.

Listen to the full interview (10mn, in Hebrew), here.

Read more about it in this LinkedIn article.


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