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Is the Israeli miracle sustainable ? Anne Baer's article in Politique Internationale, Summer 2023

Israel has been growing and thriving for the last 75 years, against all odds and despite every established rule.

But is the recipe sustainable?

Both for the demographic and energy transitions, Israel went against the tide, encouraging fertility to the point of holding the OECD record, and betting on fossil fuels - gas - when others turned to solar power.

At the forefront of cleantech - and the undisputed pioneer of the new water economy - Israel stands well behind when it comes to consumption patterns and has yet to adopt its Climate Law.

Anne Baer's latest paper in Politique Internationale puts figures in the face of assumptions, reality in the face of fantasy, and especially - as always when dealing with Israel - tries to make complexity more legible.

Full article in English

Politique Internationale_Is the Israeli Miracle sustainable_Anne Baer
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Full article in French

Politique Internationale_Le Miracle israélien_Anne Baer French
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