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iKare Success Stories: Zutacore and Valeo sign 4-year contract for innovative data center cooling.

We would not want you to miss these news. At iKare Innovation, we are proud to have ignited positive change.

What happened?

With the ability to deliver 10 times more computing power, reduce total cost of ownership by 50%, and offer 100% heat reuse, a new cooling system is poised to transform the efficiency and sustainability of data centers worldwide.

Back in 2021

On one side, less than 5km from Gaza, an Israeli startup is developing a solution for cooling data centers while reducing their environmental impact.

On the other side, a French 100 year old automotive company is leading world cooling systems technologies for mobility.

What do they have in common? The answer is innovation and their drive to reduce carbon emissions!

In 2022

Valeo takes the visionary decision to explore "off road" opportunities for the first time in its long history. Why not apply its patented technology to the stationary market which keep increasing its cooling needs exponentially - the data centers?

The data industry is under increasing pressure to meet growing computational demands while minimizing environmental impact. Traditional cooling methods are inadequate for today’s high-powered processors, leading to excessive energy consumption and CO2 emissions. By combining their competence, Valeo and ZutaCore’s waterless liquid cooling technology will offer a game changing solution to these issues.

At CES 2023

The two announce a cutting-edge promising partnership: The high performance cooling by ZutaCore and Valeo is born (more on that deal here).

At CES 2024

The partners announce the signature of their first 4 years-commercial agreement.

With the innovative Heat Reuse Unit (HRU) producing 60kW cooling power in a compact 3U form and featuring hot swappable pumps to minimize maintenance downtime, this new system may well be the future of data center cooling.

At iKare, we believe in the power of technology to mitigate our environmental impacts without compromising on the power of computing, access to data, free flow of information for all. It is for this kind of projects that we wake up every day to scout for more innovation, new ideas, and talents.

Full PR release here.


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