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iKare Success Stories: Valeo announces key partnerships with C2A and Zutacore at CES 2023

CES 2023 ended just three weeks ago, and what a fruitful year it’s been for iKare Innovation, with Valeo's public announcement of two partnerships with Israeli companies, C2A Security and ZutaCore, during the keynote speech by Valeo’s CEO Christophe Périllat and CTO Geoffrey Bouquot.

Indeed, Valeo and C2A Security have unveiled a strategic collaboration to enhance Valeo’s cybersecurity offerings on their products in development and continuous operations.

C2A Security’s partnership with Valeo will allow the automotive industry to implement automated cybersecurity, keeping security at the forefront while enabling innovation and future business.

The Group has also announced a partnership agreement with Zutacore to research and bring to market a new method for cooling data centers with zero emissions. At CES, ZutaCore demonstrated its direct-on-chip, WATERLESS, dielectric liquid cooling solution with the Valeo Heat Re-USE Unit cooling Dell Technologies OEM Solutions servers. The aim is to increase their performance and reduce their environmental impact.

We are proud to enable such collaborations, and grateful for our long time partnership with a market leader such as Valeo.

More details and the full keynote address here:

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