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Anne Baer leads a week long workshop for women and girls in Ivory Coast, December 2022

Anne Baer with participants of the training sessions

At iKare Innovation, we…Kare.

In the pure spirit of Women In Tech and with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Ivory Coast who initiated the project, Anne Baer delivered training about Girls in Innovation and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), enhancing women in technology carriers and science. During her week-long stay, she reached out to over 100 participants in Abidjan. Amongst them, female university students in engineering, data science and computing; high school girls aged 17, teachers and trainers from the Professional training center of Industrial design and Ceramics of Katiola, 500 km north to Abidjan, founded in 1957 which counts 40% female students.

The whole week was made possible by the collaboration with the NGO DynExcAfrica, Dynamiques et Excellentes d'Afrique, headed by Fognon Maïmouna Kone.

H.E. Mrs Rony Yedidia-Clein, Ambassador of Israel in Côte d'Ivoire presided over the closing ceremony, highlighting the 60 years long commitment to the bilateral relations and the long-term cooperation with DynExc Africa.

Expert in Sustainable development since the 90s, promoting technological partnerships as a way of enhancing altogether innovation, peace, and the environment, Anne has worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1989-1991, in the UN from 1991-2000, on France-Israel bilateral relations and sustainability from 2000-2016, and acts as CEO of iKare Innovation since 2016. She co-founded Women in Tech Israel in 2020 with Jennifer Jerby.

You can find more details in this article (in French) or below, published in the local media.


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