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Video: Women in Tech – Global Panel - CEO vision, leading through crisis

Click here for the Replay of Women in Tech panel “CEO vision, leading through crisis”.

Anne Baer, participated on the 28th of May on a panel, organized by Women in Tech, discussing CEO’s vision and management of the crisis.

The moderator - Véronique Forge from – asked the co-panelists, Patama Chantaruck CEO IBM Thailand, Boutaina Araki CEO Clear Channel France, H.E. Hussain Al Mahmoudi CEO Sharjah Technology and Innovation park in United Arab Emirates, and Anne Baer CEO iKare Innovation about their response to the pandemic.

Selected quotes from Anne Baer:

“When Corona landed on us, I started to learn like a frantic. Learn about the epidemiology, comparing data and policies, talk on a daily basis with my friends in the North of Italy, in China, in France. Learning to be empowered and not only frightened.”

The pandemic has accelerated the Digital Revolution. “Remote working, working from home, which was so difficult to adopt before the crisis will survive the crisis. We moved suddenly from a Mobility as a service to Immobility as a service. It allowed us to penetrate into our colleagues’ and customers’ homes, increase intimacy, change the tone.”, says Anne.

When the panelists were asked about their vision regarding mobility in a post-COVID world, iKare which is involved on a daily basis with the Israeli startup ecosystem could just go on and on about startups that are pivoting to create solutions for a post-COVID world. Anne: “We’ll have to re-think our production patterns, our supply chain, our consumption priorities and re-localize, reconnect to our immediate environment, become leaner. Covid seems to have frozen the Mobility revolution: flights which became part of our day-to-day lives are suddenly grounded. But less evidently, car sharing and mobility as a service are challenged by new fears of being contaminated by other passengers. Israel is working on multiple solutions to these challenges.”

So, what will be left after the Corona pandemic? What have we learnt about ourselves and the ecosystems in which we live and work?

The crisis has brought opportunities for cooperation.

Anne: “Taboos fall. Physical frontiers close letting Mental frontiers to open. Space has shrunk. We had the first ETIHAD direct flight from Dubai to Israel. We are all interconnected humans.

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