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A successful iKare collaboration between Neteera & Valeo

Neteera - a startup from Jerusalem, developing unique sensing technologies - was first selected by Valeo to showcase their technology in their booth at the VivaTech 2017, and eventually went all the way to winning the ‘Valeo Innovation Challenge’ 1st prize. Since then, Neteera’s continued collaboration with Valeo’s teams led to the integration of Neteera’s technology into Valeo’s demo car showcased during the last edition of the CES in Las Vegas. The public got a chance to see how Valeo’s ‘Smart Cocoon’ cockpit could leverage the unique solution offered by Neteera in order to measure the driver’s heart and respiratory rates, without any physical contact with the driver, in order to adapt the car’s environment and personalize the comfort according to the driver’s current state.

Next up: the ‘Smart Cocoon’ cockpit of Valeo will be showcased during the VivaTech 2018 edition, in Paris, again, in collaboration with Neteera. Mark your calendar: Paris, 24-26 May 2018.

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