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iKare Success Story: From Eilat to the TASE

Who remembers Fuel Choices Summit Israel 2015 in Tel Aviv? We do. It is where we met Hanan Friedman at the EcoMotion Community exhibition. Hanan had no booth but such a great vision. iKare has helped Trucknet Enterprise LTD from day 1, highlighting the sustainability impact of their solution for heavy weight cargos optimization, and within 4 weeks we worked out together their carbon assessment methodology and Anne and Hanan flew together to Paris COP21. The journey led him much further than we thought. With the help of the French Embassy in Tel Aviv, Hanan anchored his European activity in Paris, where he also raised his first investment. While Eilat is the place for logistics, tourism, marine and maritime innovation, France is the European hub for ground transportation.

Wishing success to Trucknet on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange!


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