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Can Deep Tech be sustainable ? Anne leads a Panel, gathering 3 experts from over the world

There is no free IT lunch. Virtual is real. We have moved from a world of Papyrus to Quantum Computing increasing IT related energy consumption. How does it impact our global footprint? How can we mitigate these impacts? And most importantly, on the positive side, how can deep tech innovation contribute to make the world safer and greener?

Some excerpts from our panelists:

- Lior Handelsman, co-founder of SolarEdge the $MultiBillion renewable company and Partner, Grove Ventures

**"Data centers are the biggest energy consumer and the way forward is making our computers more efficient to consume less and do more”

**”the most exciting sectors in deeptech today is the combination of biology and semiconductors as well as space (data centers, communication, energy solutions)”

- Fay Arjomandi, President & CEO, Mimik

**“We have to think of the practical ways of using each technology for its specific application and separate the technologies so you can iterate faster. And to have an iterative approach”

**”As you have more devices connected, you might as well do a short cut of the communication and allow it to be used more directly between devices”

- Mamadou Touré, Chairman & CEO, Unbuntu

**”Blockchain is actually backed on energy consumption. The more you mine, the more you consume.”

**”Data is the future universal income”

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