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A taste of a special Bastille Day 2023 at the Ambassador's residence

From top to bottom, clockwise: Ambassador Eric Danon, Marie-Christine Dupuis-Danon, and Jonathan Goldberg, Yann Paviot, Frère Olivier Benidictine and Anne Baer, Brigitte Benhayoun, Emmanuel Fitoussi Ambassador Eric Danon, Marie-Christine Dupuis-Danon and Nanny Seyman, Anne Baer, Ambassador Eric Danon and Marie-Christine Dupuis-Danon.

For the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Israel, the Bastille day ceremony had a special taste this year.

  1. of Nostalgia… After 4 years with Eric Danon and Marie-Christine Dupuis-Danon, we need come to terms with them leaving, and let them go back to France.

  2. of Victory !!! During these four years together, we finally managed to grow our balance trade by 45%. As the Ambassador highlights it in his speech, thanks to our efforts, at the level of the French Foreign Trade Advisors, as well as at the economic and commercial departments (Business France) and the bilateral chambers of Commerce.

  3. of Freedom!!! Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. The Bastille day celebrates the creation of the French République, citizen's rights and democracy.

  4. of Friendship : celebrating solidarity and cooperation between our two countries, as Eric Danon said, France is the second most important strategic ally after US today.

Sharing this extract from Eric Danon's speech. From Defense, to Intelligence (military and artificial...), recent years have seen our collaboration achieve unprecedented intensity.

The garden party was attended by 800 guests who came to honor and say goodbye to our hosts...

Blue, White, and Red are the colors of diversity, that of the French living in Israel, with representatives of French brands such as Decathlon Israel (Yann Paviot), of the French Church (Frère Olivier Benedictine from the Abbaye Sainte-Marie de la Résurrection d'Abu Gosh, 46 years in Israel) and the innovation sector such as Anne Baer, iKare Innovation's CEO and President of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Israel.

Proud to be French!


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